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Enigma 1644: Same goal average

From New Scientist #2810, 30th April 2011 [link]

Albion, Borough, City, Rangers and United have played in a soccer tournament in which each team played each of the others once. No two matches in the tournament had the same score, and no team scored more than three goals in any match. Albion drew against Borough; both of these teams won their other three matches.

Over the whole tournament Albion and Borough had the same goal average (calculated by dividing goals scored by goals conceded) but Albion had the better goal difference (goals scored minus goals conceded).

What were the scores in Albion’s four matches? Give each score in the form xy, with Albion’s score first in each match.



One response to “Enigma 1644: Same goal average

  1. jimrandell 7 December 2011 at 3:06 pm

    The following Python code runs in 32ms.

    from itertools import combinations
    # possible scores for X v Y
    scores = set()
    for X in range(1, 4):
      for Y in range(0, X):
        scores.add((X, Y))
    # for the draw
    for d in range(0, 4):
      # for A
      for A in combinations(scores, 3):
        fA = d + sum(x[0] for x in A)
        aA = d + sum(x[1] for x in A)
        # for B
        for B in combinations(scores.difference(A), 3):
          fB = d + sum(x[0] for x in B)
          aB = d + sum(x[1] for x in B)
          if not(fA * aB == fB * aA): continue
          if not(fA - aA >  fB - aB): continue
          print('A:', ((d, d),) + A, fA, aA)
          print('B:', ((d, d),) + B, fB, aB)

    Solution: Albion’s scores were: 3-3, 3-2, 3-1, 3-0.

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