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Enigma 1594: Four points

From New Scientist #2759, 8th May 2010 [link]

I drew a square whose sides were an integral number (less than 80) of centimetres long. Within the top left-hand quarter of the square I marked four points, each of which was an integral number of centimetres, not only from each side of the square but also from both the top left-hand corner and the bottom right-hand corner of the square.

How long was each side of the square?


One response to “Enigma 1594: Four points

  1. jimrandell 17 January 2012 at 10:26 pm

    The following Python program runs in 35ms.

    from collections import defaultdict
    from enigma import irange
    # find squares (up to 80 * sqrt(2))
    squares = {}
    for i in irange(1, 113):
      squares[i * i] = i
    # find Pythagorean triples (x, y [, h]) such that x < y < 40
    triples = dict()
    for x in irange(1, 38):
      for y in irange(x + 1, 39):
        h2 = x * x + y * y
        if h2 not in squares: continue
        triples[(x, y)] = squares[h2]
    # now consider a square of side n
    ts = defaultdict(list)
    for n in irange(1, 79):
      n2 = float(n) / 2
      for t in triples:
        (x, y) = t
        if not(y < n2): continue
        # now see if (n - y, n - x) are valid triples
        h2 = (n - y) * (n - y) + (n - x) * (n - x)
        if h2 not in squares: continue
        ts[n].extend((t, (n - y, n - x)))
    for n in sorted(ts.keys()):
      if len(ts[n]) < 4: continue
      print(n, ts[n])

    Solution: Each side of the square is 72 cm.

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