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Enigma 1550: Eightman band

From New Scientist #2713, 20th June 2009 [link]

The letters of EIGHTMAN represent different digits. When representing a number, ENIGMA is the product of GGG and TTT. Furthermore, a six-digit number using the letters of ENIGMA in a different order is the product of GGG and HHH.

What is the number EIGHTMAN?



3 responses to “Enigma 1550: Eightman band

  1. Jim Randell 21 March 2012 at 9:20 pm

    Here’s my original Perl solution. This program runs in 11ms.

    my ($G, $T, $H);
    my ($enigma, $e, $n, $i, $g, $m, $a);
    my ($product);
    my ($se, $sp);
    use Enigma qw/distinct/;
    for $G (1..9) {
      for $T (1..9) {
        next unless distinct($T, $G);
        $enigma = int("$G$G$G") * int("$T$T$T");
        next unless length($enigma) == 6;
        ($e, $n, $i, $g, $m, $a) = split '', $enigma;
        next unless $g == $G;
        next unless distinct($n, $e);
        next unless distinct($i, $e, $n);
        next unless distinct($g, $e, $n, $i);
        next unless distinct($m, $e, $n, $i, $g);
        next unless distinct($a, $e, $n, $i, $g, $m);
        $se = join '', sort split '', $enigma;
        for $H (1..9) {
          next unless distinct($H, $T, $e, $n, $i, $g, $m, $a);
          $product = int("$G$G$G") * int("$H$H$H");
          next unless length($product) == 6;
          $sp = join '', sort split '', $product;
          next unless $sp == $se;
          print "EIGHTMAN=$e$i$g$H$T$m$a$n [G=$G, T=$T, H=$H, ENIGMA=$enigma GGGxHHH=$product]\n";

    Solution: EIGHTMAN = 28763415.

    • Jim Randell 21 March 2012 at 9:22 pm

      And this is how I would solve it now in Python. This program runs in 35ms.

      from itertools import permutations
      from enigma import irange, split, printf
      d1 = set(irange(1, 9))
      for (G, T) in permutations(d1, 2):
        ENIGMA = str(G * T * 12321)
        if len(ENIGMA) != 6: continue
        (E, N, I, G2, M, A) = split(ENIGMA, int)
        if G2 != G: continue
        ds = set(list(ENIGMA))
        if len(ds) != 6: continue
        for H in d1.difference((A, E, G, I, M, N, T)):
          p = str(G * H * 12321)
          if len(p) != 6: continue
          if ds != set(list(p)): continue
          printf("EIGHTMAN={E}{I}{G}{H}{T}{M}{A}{N} [G={G} T={T} H={H} ENIGMA={ENIGMA} GGGxHHH={p}]")
  2. Tessa Fullwood 22 March 2012 at 11:07 am

    The answer was published on 1 August. EIGHTMAN is 28763415

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