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2013 in review

Happy New Year from Enigmatic Code!

There are now 581 Enigma puzzles posted to the site, with a complete archive of puzzles from February 1979 to April 1982, and October 2005 up to the final Enigma puzzle in December 2013. This is just under one third of all Enigma puzzles published in New Scientist, and leaves around 1,200 more to find and add to the site.

In 2013 I added 286 Enigma puzzles to the site, the most challenging ones have, of course, been added to the list of Challenging Puzzles, but here is a list of those that I found the most fun to solve during 2013.

New Puzzles: (Originally published in New Scientist in 2013)

Modern Classic Puzzles: (Originally published between 2005 and 2007)

Ancient Classic Puzzles: (Originally published between 1979 and 1982)

Sadly, I think this shows why New Scientist have chosen to discontinue new Enigma puzzles. Although almost a fifth of the new puzzles I put up on this site were originally published in 2013, only one of them made it to this list. (See also my 300 Enigma Analysis in April 2013. The drought never ended, and at the end of play there had been a gap of 68 Enigmas that didn’t make the Challenging list).

In 2013 I enabled Ratings on the puzzles, which means you can give the puzzles you attempt a rating between 1 and 5 stars. I try to rate the puzzles as I add them to the site, and when I come across an old puzzle that I haven’t rated I rate that retrospectively as well.

Here is the 2013 stats report for Enigmatic Code prepared by WordPress.

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