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Enigma 297: Division problem

From New Scientist #1445, 28th February 1985 [link]

In the following division sum some of the digits are missing and some are replaced by letters. The same letter stands for the same digit wherever it appears, and different letters stand for different digits.

Enigma 297

Find the correct sum.



One response to “Enigma 297: Division problem

  1. Jim Randell 24 July 2015 at 8:59 am

    This puzzle can be fed directly to the SubstitutedDivision() solver from the enigma.py library.

    This Python program runs in 312ms.

    from enigma import SubstitutedDivision
      'g????', '??', 'm?h?',
      [('g?', '??', 'mp'), ('mp?', 'p??', 'x?'), ('x??', 'm??', '?'), ('??', '??', '')]

    Solution: The correct sum is 95534 ÷ 37 = 2582.

    Enigma 297 - Solution

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