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Enigma 385: A multiletteral problem

From New Scientist #1534, 13th November 1986 [link]

In the following multiplication sum letters have been substituted for most of the digits.


Write out the whole multiplication sum.



One response to “Enigma 385: A multiletteral problem

  1. Jim Randell 24 February 2017 at 7:48 am

    We can use the general alphametic solver (SubstitutedExpression()) in the enigma.py library to tackle this problem.

    Here is the run file. It executes in 158ms.

    # consider the multiplication sum:
    #     A B C D
    #         f p
    #   ---------
    #   g k b f p
    #   p g b f
    #   ---------
    #   y m f p p
    #   ---------
    # solver to use
    # solver parameters
    # expressions to solve
    "ABCD * fp = ymfpp"
    "ABCD * p = gkbfp"
    "ABCD * f = pgbf"

    Solution: The correct sum is: 2031 × 48 = 97488.


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