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Puzzle 69: Division: letters for digits

From New Scientist #1120, 14th September 1978 [link]

For some reason Uncle Bungle does not like divisors. This has been left out in the latest division sum which he has produced with letters substituted for digits. Here it is:

Find the divisor and all the digits of the sum.



One response to “Puzzle 69: Division: letters for digits

  1. Jim Randell 19 July 2017 at 8:50 am

    The multiples of the divisor are two or three digits, so the divisor itself must have two digits. We can use the SubstitutedDivision() solver from the enigma.py library to solve this puzzle. This run file executes in 85ms.

    #!/usr/bin/python -m enigma -r
    "fmwijg / ?? = pqwg"
    "fmw - wgw = wm"
    "wmi - igg = if"
    "ifj - kq = qi"
    "qig - fhp = qw"

    Solution: The sum is 302158 ÷ 47 = 6428 (remainder 42).

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