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2019 in review

Happy New Year from Enigmatic Code!

There are now 1343 Enigma puzzles on the site, along with 86 from the Tantalizer series and 85 from the Puzzle series (and a few other puzzles that have caught my eye). There is a complete archive of Enigma puzzles published between January 1979 to September 1989, and from May 1998 up to the final Enigma puzzle in December 2013, which make up just over 75% of all the Enigma puzzles published. Of the remaining 450 puzzles I have 75 left to source (numbers 901 – 976).

In 2019, 103 Enigma puzzles were added to the site (and 25 Tantalizers, 25 Puzzles, and 40 others, so 193 puzzles in total).

Here is my selection of the puzzles that I found most interesting to solve over the year:

Older Puzzles (from 1988 – 1989)


Newer Puzzles (from 1998 – 1999)


Other Puzzles


Sunday Times Teasers

I have also been collecting some old Teaser puzzles originally published in The Sunday Times on the S2T2 site, as well as accumulating my notes for more recent Teaser puzzles that I solved at the time. There are currently 232 puzzles available on the S2T2 site.

Here are some that I found interesting to solve (or revisit):


Between both sites I have posted 426 puzzles in total this year. I don’t expect to maintain this rate in the future.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the sites in 2019, either by adding their own solutions (programmatic or analytical), insights or questions, or by helping me source puzzles from back-issues of New Scientist.

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