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Puzzle 5: “I would if I could”

From New Scientist #1056, 16th June 1977 [link]

“I would if I could, but I’m sorry I can’t.”
I felt that I had to say this to my Aunt.
She seemed to expect me to lend her some cash.
And knowing my Aunt that would surely be rash.
I happen to know what her overdraft is;
My Uncle’s is large, hers is much more than his.
Her husband, my Uncle, in fact owed the bank
A number of pounds which was, let’s be frank,
Sixty-three more than my overdraft then.
Aunty’s and mine are two-hundred-and-ten;
Between them, I mean, and I’d like you to see,
When I say “much”, Aunt’s is Uncle’s times three —
Or as near to three as it can be,
Bearing in mind this vital fact:
The pounds we owe are all exact.

What are the overdrafts of my Aunt, my Uncle and myself.

This puzzle was later re-published as Enigma 182.


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