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Enigma 405: Uncle bungles the answer

From New Scientist #1555, 9th April 1987 [link]

It is true, of course, that there are rather a lot of letters in this puzzle, but despite that I though that for once Uncle Bungle was going to write it out correctly. In fact there was no mistake until the answer but in that, I’m afraid, one of the letters was incorrect.

This is another addition sum with letters substituted for digits. Each letter stands for the same digit whenever it appears, and different letters stand for different digits. Or at least they should, and they do, but for the mistake in the last line across.

Enigma 405

Which letter is wrong?

Write out the correct addition sum.

Note: This is a corrected version of Enigma 401.



Enigma 1770: Power point 2

From New Scientist #2938, 12th October 2013 [link]

I have written a list of five different three-figure numbers, each of which is a power of a single digit. The first number is odd and thereafter each number has the same hundreds digit or the same tens digit or the same units digit as its predecessor.

What (in order) are the five numbers?

This puzzle (apart from a comma) is exactly the same as Enigma 1757.

New Scientist has stated that the puzzle was republished in error.


Enigma 83: More letters for digits

From New Scientist #1226, 6th November 1980 [link]

Uncle Bungle has been doing a division sum with letters substituted for digits. Was it by accident or design, I wonder, that he left out the divisor?

What was left looked like this:

Enigma 83

Find the divisor and all the digits of the sum.

This puzzle is not only similar to Enigma 9, it is exactly the same puzzle.