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Missing Enigmas

Any help in sourcing the text for the following puzzles would be much appreciated.

The following are puzzles I have been able to transcribe correctly (I think), even though I do not have an original source image, so will be able to post them, but I would appreciate a complete source image in order to verify my transcription:

And I would appreciate a legible source image for any Enigma puzzle that does not have a linked image (or has a poor quality one) for reference purposes.

The following Tantalizer puzzles are missing from the Google Books archive, so I do not have a transcription for them:

  • Tantalizer 300: Gogol / 21st June 1973
  • Tantalizer 217: Simple arithmetic / 2nd September 1971
  • Tantalizer 180: Voting behaviour / 24th December 1970
  • Tantalizer 51 / 1968

Puzzles from 1970 – 1989 have been transcribed from the Google Books archive of New Scientist magazines.

Much of 1990 – 1999 are transcribed from images sent to me by Hugh Casement or others, or from the New Scientist web site (although this can lead to missing diagrams).

Puzzles from 2000 – 2013 were transcribed from physical copies of the magazine (although I didn’t keep the images for all of them).

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